Fatta in Casa is a dessert restaurant and a Pizzeria. It locates by the lake in the Sunnylands. It has a beautiful Italian name. The tasty smell comes in everyday in the morning and the afternoon. The most ingredients come from the farm by Sunnylands mixed with some imported organic ingredients. The chef is more passion with the taste of the happiness in degustation than the passion of baking. It is to insist and to share. In this day, why don’t you come over here and try to experience the happiness.
By serving you the delicious afternoon tea sets, we also provide diverse dinning area. Choose your own corner. Our pizza has our own style and flavor in veggie. After trying out the pizza from our chef, are you interested in trying out one by yourself? I mean, to make your own pizza. When you book the room from Sunnylands, you can also book the DIY lesson in advance. We can’t wait to see you and to see your happiness after eating our afternoon tea sets. Please make the reservation a day before at least. Thank you for your cooperation. ( If you are a big fan of afternoon tea, welcome to visit us.)