Leave the crowded city, through the SHUE mountain tunnel, together with the rhythm of the wind, stopped your life for a while, you will arrive in Lanyang Plain in an hour.It’s like a different life style from the busy city.
Craving for fine cook, especially the use of hand picking organic ingredients, from scratch on the table with family and friends with this unique taste? We have a bakery and we are waiting for your coming.
  Leave the crowded city, through the Shue mountain tunnel, together with the rhythm of the wind,
The manor has different crop growth in different season, and we will arrange first lesson of collection of crops in different seasons, such as Sunflowers and Lotus, you will immerse in the relaxing atmosphere.
  Time to bake a table of meal for your loved one or family. In this day, you will learn how to bake some French pastry or veggie gourmet. Or even the chance of using your own collection of crops to bake your own pastry or veggie gourmet.
  Ready to seriously feel the life-farm style? During this period you will actually participate the farm work, it would be a life style you’ve never experienced before, but also a great power to charge you again!
  Of course, the manor is absolutely the place you will feel happy, elegant interior, quiet and cozy rooms, glass terrace, and also the diverse and vast outdoor space, will be the absolute surprise.
  Visiting LanYang plain, you can’t miss the light and the beauty of the natural wind. This day, you can ride a bicycle or wander in the countryside with us!